The Flag for Hope: A Unique and Important American Flag

This is a Framed, Limited Edition, Numbered, and Two-Sided “The Flag for Hope” Serigraph of incredible reproduction quality.  This one-time-only edition of 2,000 is now offered in limited quantity, for a limited time. Each individual Flag for Hope Serigraph is produced by a skilled craftsman to ensure a museum-quality reproduction. Your purchase includes our custom accent that offers further insight into the meaning and journey to create The Flag for Hope.
  • Serigraph is 43″x 23″ Museum Quality Reproduction
  • 2-Sided Canvas
  • Printed on Fredrix Archival Canvas
  • DNA Coded to protect against being counterfeited
  • Color Separation Process – 31 Screens including 13 shades of blue
  • UVA Protected
  • Proprietary scanning process to create highest quality, finest detail source image
  • Master printer is considered one of the world's most accomplished Serigraphers
The original Flag for Hope is the result of a once-in-a-lifetime journey to create a National Treasure and will be exhibited in prominent museums across the country, ultimately going on permanent exhibit in a national museum. All 50 Flag for Hope Stars personally painted their own star and signed the back of the original canvas. Your Flag for Hope Serigraph is TWO-SIDED to capture this incredible assembly of American icons. There has never been, nor will there ever be again, a collaboration of this magnitude and diversity. The included accent piece contains a "star map" indicating which star was painted by each American icon.