What is a Serigraph?

A serigraph is a reproduction of an original artwork. It is produced via a labor-intensive, highly specialized screening process used exclusively for fine-art reproductions. The process to create a serigraph requires the direct involvement of the artist, a master chromist (hand color-separator artist), and skilled craftsmen to operate specialized equipment within extremely tight tolerances.

Each individual color in the original art requires it’s own screen. Each screen is used to produce a run of a single color. The results of each color pass are evaluated by the master chromist and the artist to ensure each serigraph printed is perfect. This evaluation is used to determine if adjustments or additional screens are required to produce the artist’s vision.

Each serigraph is an individual work of art and is personally approved or rejected by the artist. Each accepted serigraph is individually signed and numbered.

The Unique Value of
Your Flag for Hope Serigraph

Each Flag for Hope Serigraph is exceptional. The scarcity, quality, and beauty of these serigraphs make them investment-grade works of art, even without considering the incredible story of the original Flag for Hope’s creation. When you consider that this is a two-sided canvas, with the flag on one side, and the signatures of all 50 Flag for Hope Stars reproduced in exact detail on the reverse side, the value increases exponentially.


The process to create the Flag for Hope Serigraphs was painstaking. They are printed on Frederik Archival Canvas. In order to achieve the desired depth and saturation of color, each of the 30-plus color screens were run 2 to 3 times over the course of several days.  The entire process to refine and produce these breathtaking works of art took over three months. Each serigraph has been individually reviewed for quality by both the master chromist and the artist to ensure perfect results.


More than 4,000 Americans participated in the creation of the original Flag for Hope by placing their hand or finger impression on our canvas. Only 1,500 Flag for Hope Serigraphs will be released to the public for sale. With overwhelming interest in this project and the establishment of The Flag for Hope as a National Treasure, the demand for these serigraphs among the fine art, Americana, and collectible markets far outpaces our extremely limited supply.

We have taken extraordinary steps to ensure that these serigraphs cannot be counterfeited. Each serigraph is DNA coded, double-signed and numbered, and includes a certificate of authenticity.

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Sirena in progress

In this example “Sirena”, the master chromist is darkening areas for a single red color variation. His hand color separation will be used to provide a template to create the screen for that color only.